Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mom's 70th Birthday!!

left to right: age 3, age 7, so lovely in high school

left to right: with Dad 1964, when I first came home 1977, doing a hula dance at my wedding 2004


In celebration here's a collection of items from my awesome EtsyVeg team that I know she'd love:

chicadee earrings from lulubugjewelry $36.00

blue rosette hairpin from nycrochet $6.00

warm & snuggly scarf from cricketscreations $40.00

chinese brush painting from silentlotus $25.00

red & aqua dish from karinlorenc $20.00

butterfly photo block from juliewebb $18.00

sea breeze earrings from prettyinpeace $14.00

dozen chocolate mint cupcakes from thecupcakemint $42.00

pincushion flower photo print from amefaust $20.00

clementine wristlet from krecklo $16.00

♥ Cari

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yay!! My treasury was just on the front page of etsy!!

I've been on somewhat of an etsy treasury craze. Just ask my fellow EtsyVeg teammates!! I am so proud that one of my treasuries was on the front page this evening!!

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